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A.Newbat, Korea’s very own manufacturer making aluminum bats for 30 years

Brand Story

Power alloy for sports


Made In Korea
Manufacturing of aluminum bats finally begins in Korea.

Korea has a 40-year history of professional baseball, which is 50 years if we account for high school baseball. However, there are only 1~2 manufacturers that make aluminum bats. And even these manufacturers focus on making softball bats. We, also, have been manufacturing aluminum bats for quite a long time, and only just started developing hardball bats for the past five years; and now we are the only ones in Korea. This is probably because of the small market size, expensive equipment, and lack of infrastructure for manufacturing. Even with all the basic equipment, without the government’s support, we would not have been able to do this. Even so, it took us five years to build and test infrastructure, and improve it so we can launch bats that would be loved by Korean people.


Captivated by the vast information in the USA.

There are quite a few bat research labs across the USA, such as the University of Illinois, University of Pennsylvania, or the Sports Science Lab at Washington State University which conducts tests such as BBCOR; on top of these there are also numerous magazines, and articles that cover aluminum bats in depth. Physicists or acousticians also participate in research for this. Also, there are varied experiments and outcomes covering the level of vibration when the ball hits the bat. As a manufacturer, it is only natural to be captivated by these manufacturing methods and principles as well as manufacturing methods for machines. And the information really has helped us with our manufacturing practices.


On a journey,
searching for the Korean bat

Five years ago, we conducted a survey on bat preference. Some 400 people part of social clubs responded asking us to make bats that have excellent 1. Repulsive power, 2. Balance and 3. Feel; 4. Great design; 5. Affordable. For the past three years, in our efforts to create the most Korean bat supported by the government, we conducted various trial hits, listened to feedback from middle school students, coaches, directors, club members, and distributors; through this, we became more confident that we could satisfy these needs. Solutions are always in the ‘field’ and as long as we stay in the field, we will find the solution.


Raising the
‘Made in Korea’ standards

“Domestically made~” is not enough to be considered Made in Korea. We need to present value that satisfies global standards just like BTS, Bong Jun Ho, K-preventative measures, Samsung Smart Phones etc. Korean consumers have high standards and much knowledge. Just because a friend owns a noodle restaurant, doesn’t mean that people will line up to eat there. In this way, to raise the value, we need to build quality bats, and practice sharing through sales with the attitude of being responsible for all bats that are made by us.